Chiropractic Orthopedics &
Specialized Treatments

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Dr. Steven Dreyer and Newport Spine & Sport are dedicated to getting you on the path to a better, healthier life. Learn more about the personalized care and specialized treatments that we offer.

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Our Patient-Centered Philosophy

Your first visit will be an exploration of your history, health concerns and/or injuries. An in-depth examination ensures that your health is thoroughly evaluated and your questions are fully answered.
Every patient’s uniqueness is both celebrated and considered during all phases of care.
Our patients come to us for a wide range of injuries, diseases, concerns and more.

“The immediate and continuing improvements to my overall health under Dr. Dreyer’s care have been dramatic. I have more energy than I have had in months, and I have never felt better. 

I highly recommend Dr. Dreyer to anyone that is tired of being tired, and ready to invest in themselves by learning how to live a healthier lifestyle via his expertise and guidance.”

Jennifer L.
Huntington Beach, CA

"Steven is absolutely the best. Anytime Im having issues with my body, my neck, shoulders, or anything else, Steve has been patient with me, asks all the right questions and has always made me feel better in no time. I know that whenever I have pain, I know I can count on Steven to make me better. 10/10 would recommend!"

Kris C.
Orange, CA

"Dr. Dreyer tailors his work to the needs of each patient with the kindness and knowledge that bring comfort when a patient is in pain. I am truly grateful for the effort he continues to expend on my well-being, and I highly recommend his services, especially to those who may be unsure about the benefits of chiropractic care.”

Pete A.

“After ten doctors and being dismissed by most of them, I brought a pile of MRIs and x-rays to Dr. Dreyer and asked if he could help. You will never find a doctor that will listen and take the time with you to deliver superior health care like Dr. Dreyer. He cares about quality, not the quantity of patients seen, and obviously passes up making a lot of money to see fewer patients and give excellent care. He has a professional network of orthopedics and neurologists he can refer you to when the chiropractic approach is exhausted. After a full evaluation he referred me to a neurologist and CAME TO THE APPOINTMENT! The problem was finally found. If you have a problem no one else has been able to figure out, bring it to Dr. Dreyer and be ready to actually spend time with your doctor. He is sadly a rare find in today’s world of heath care professionals.”

Carol M.
Newport Beach, CA

“The thing I appreciate most about Dr. Dreyer is the genuine care and concern he has for his patients. His goal is to help you alleviate your pain and live a fuller, healthier life.”

Michelle M.
Long Beach

Our Services: A Holistic Approach to Your Health

With decades of experience, Dr. Steven Dreyer is able to treat the most challenging cases and create personalized wellness solutions for his patients that encompass both the traditional and alternative models of healthcare. We believe that providing patients with complete health care also means guidance on proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits that support and nurture great health beyond pain relief.

Our practice is a unique integration of many treatments, therapies and specialized programs that allow for personalized care based on each patient’s needs.

Chiropractic Orthopedics


Myofascial Release

Additional Therapies [Ultrasound, EMS in the form of Interferential Electrical Stimulation, Micro-Amperage electrical stimulation, and Infra-Red Heat Therapy]

Holistic Therapies


Massage Therapy


Specialized Treatments

TMJ/TMD Therapy and Case management
Custom Foot Orthotics(Bigger area of focus)

Customized Programs

Exercise Programs

Wellness Programs


Holistic Services

Functional Medicine

Functional Laboratory

Nutritional Consultation and nutritional supplements

Injury Treatment

Sports Injuries

Auto Accident Injury Care

Work Injuries and Worker’s Compensation Cases

High Point Equestrian Sports Care

For it is great health that provides us with the necessary springboard to a great life. A life full of opportunities, devoid of the limitations imposed by ill health.